Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga

Yoga-Trainer 2014 at the DFAV (German Fitness and Aerobic Association)
Yoga Teacher 2016 at VIKASA YOGA Academy (international)
Thai Massage Therapist 2017 at the International Training Massage School in Thailand
Fascia Yoga with Amiena Zylla (Munich)
Yin Yoga 2018 with Josh Summers in Switzerland (international)
Holistic Bodywork 2018 on the Canary Islands with Dani Yona
Teachers Expression Immersion 2019 with Diana Sans (Munich)
Shamanic Healer 2019 with Maria-Irmine Philippi

As a prior full-time groupfitness instructor I began to practice yoga since 2013 until it quickly became much more important than fitness.
The beauty of yoga for me is that it’s not about performance and competence but simply about being. It offers a timeout and brings balance into our fast moving lifes.
I completed my first yoga teacher training in 2014 which was followed by many other teacher trainings and immersions like yin yoga, fascia yoga, holistic bodywork, thai massage, shamanic work.
Generally it’s the work with all our bodies (not only the physical one) that fascinates me – exploring and experiencing that there is much more than the body we can actually touch.
In my classes I include all my knowledge, experiences and insights that I achieved so far which can have an impact on the everyday life, also far beyond the yoga mat.